Trikatex products


With Trikatex curtain you can maximize the load in curtain sided trucks and trailers, thanks to the low weigth of the wall construction. Trikatex curtain minimizes the tare weight and offers good protection for your load. Lightweight and waterproof corner constructions makes Trikatex curtain sides a considerable solution for all types of transportation.

Special products

There are many different uses for PVC-plastics. One example is the filling up cover that gathers the excess gasoline during fueling rally cars. It’s light and it fits into a small space during transportation. It endures tough handling without tearing. The sidewalls float up as the fluid level rises.

Light wall

We produce light walls that can be used in warehouses, thermowalls and cooler transport vehicles.


If you need buoys that are lightweight and long lasting, PVC-plastic is the perfect choice. PVC-plastic is weather resistant and durable


When you need a weather resistant ad-banderol, we can offer you different options. PVC-plastic is suitable for both printing and striping.


Trikatex tarpaulin doors and curtains are made of fabric reinforced PVC canvas. A tarpaulin door is an excellent choice, it is both user friendly and durable as well as an economically justifiable solution if you need to cover large doorways or to separate large areas. Trikatex tarpaulin doors can be delivered completely with rails, rolls as well as swing locks, if required. The assembly is easy and does not require any special tools. A net is recommended if the doorway is large, in order to reduce the wind load. The standard height of the net is 1000 mm and 2000 mm.

Tarpaulin doors can be used for

  • Warehouses
  • Machine halls
  • Car wash facilities
  • Garages, etc.

Curtains can be used for

  • Car wash facilities
  • Blinds for photography
  • Welding drapes (Fr fire rated)
  • Screens, etc.

Technical details

  • Galvanized c-rail 30x30 mm
  • Roller bearings cc500
  • Iron fastener for rail (wall/roof assembly)
  • PVC cloth 700 g/m2
  • Tensile strength 3000/3000 N/5 cm
  • Tear strength 300/300 N

Additional equipment

  • 90 degree bend c-rail
  • Consols for sunken c-rail


  • Ral 9016 ( 112) Trafic White
  • Ral 9006 (118) Silver Grey
  • Ral 7035 (832) Light grey
  • Ral 7037 (850) Dusty grey
  • Ral 9005 (904) Jet black
  • Ral 5005 (620) Signal blue
  • Ral 3002 (409) Carmine red
Other products

If you have ideas or needs, contact us and we will figure out the best solution to meet your demands. We can use your own drawings or models. Please contact us for more information